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Here, the staff will post updates as to what will be happening.

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15 142 June AC!
by Nike Z
Jun 10, 2013 20:02:12 GMT -6
No New Posts Information

Please read all threads in this board before making your characters.

11 34 RACES
by Night
Jun 15, 2013 15:59:04 GMT -6
No New Posts Behind Closed Doors

Where the Staff meets to discuss your future.

16 38
No New Posts The Lists

This board contains all the lists pertaining to the site. Badge Index, Character Registry, and similar lists.

by David Starstruck
Jul 10, 2013 9:59:34 GMT -6
No New Posts Help Center

Got a problem that needs fixed? This is the board to go to for any help needed from the staff. Also, if you want to unarchive or archive a character this is the board to do so. Guest friendly for those who need help but don't yet have an account

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3 3 The Golems
by hector C. Vinland
Dec 21, 2012 22:50:19 GMT -6


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No New Posts Relationships

Post a template and will see if there's love in the air, new found or old friendship, Family or people you oh so loath.

Sub-board: Organizations

by minoru usagi
Nov 4, 2012 21:46:34 GMT -6
No New Posts Hello/Goodbye's?

Here's a place to post if you're new to the site, or perhaps if you have to leave us.

16 27 Vacation
by Leeroy Jenkins
Jul 11, 2013 12:02:07 GMT -6
No New Posts Word on the Street

Bored of rping? Well come here and play some fun games. Post a game and we'll all have some fun. Or just come here and chat with fellow RPers.

Sub-boards: A Little Slice of Terror, Games

11 25 Anti-Cispa Doctor Who Parody
by Aeon
Apr 26, 2013 20:33:42 GMT -6
No New Posts Archives

All Archived Anything goes here.

Sub-boards: Characters, Incomplete Characters, Devil Fruit, IC Threads, OOC Threads, Misc. Archives

321 1,090 Ryoga's Fighting Styles #1
by Ryoga
Jun 13, 2013 10:56:25 GMT -6
No New Posts Connecting Back

The place to go to advertise your site or apply for an affiliation. Must be a Proboards or Invisionfree site. Remember if you use an image for an advertisement please don't stretch the page. Guest Friendly and do not try to make a new thread, reply to the threads already there

Sub-boards: Embarkation, Arriving at Port

168 209 ZapdosZulu: A HG/SS Pokemon Roleplay (12+ Years and Going)
by Caramell
Mar 7, 2020 10:16:39 GMT -6

Set Sail

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No New Posts Pending

All pending Characters go here.

Sub-board: Templates

31 79 PIRATE:: Jacquotte Delahaye
by Kristal
Jun 14, 2021 8:08:08 GMT -6
No New Posts Accepted

All Accepted Characters, Devil Fruits, and Haki go here.

Sub-boards: Temporarily Accepted, Lads, Lasses, Pets

33 104 Pirate:: Annabell Wroth
by El Troubadour
Aug 29, 2013 22:38:07 GMT -6
No New Posts Makin A Crew

Here, you apply for Pirate/Marine crews!

Sub-board: Accepted Crews

9 16 Adeptus Astartes :: Marine Crew
by Miguel Van Helsing
May 28, 2013 8:56:58 GMT -6
No New Posts Missions

Need some extra beli but can't post very fast? Here's where you can start a mission to get that extra beli you need.

Sub-boards: Events, On-Going Missions, Completed Missions, Bounty Claim, Completed Bounty Claims

11 31 To the Roil with Ye. (open)
by Nox
Jun 21, 2013 0:11:10 GMT -6
No New Posts Spendin Money?

This board is where all members go to spend their hard earned beli.

Sub-board: Accepted Purchases

25 43 The Military Man
by Night
Sept 17, 2013 20:45:26 GMT -6
No New Posts The Academy

The place where you register your techniques for grading, as well as posting links to training threads when needed to learn your techniques. This includes Devil Fruit Applications.

Sub-boards: Tech Templates, Pending Techniques, Accepted Techniques

28 57
No New Posts Character Tracking

Here you can post threads to keep track of your characters, their threads, and who you've posted with.

2 6 Eternity Character Tracker
by Nike Z
Oct 17, 2012 14:08:06 GMT -6
No New Posts Make Some Changes

Post here if you ever need to edit anything.

Sub-board: Accepted Changes

9 16 A Retcon
by Miguel Van Helsing
Jun 29, 2013 20:35:42 GMT -6

The Four Blues

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No New Posts North Blue

The northern sea of the world, whose islands are known for their goods, be it architectural, crafts, metalwork, woodwork, food, or wine. Much of North Blue has a European feel to it.

Sub-boards: The Northern Continent, Lvneel Kingdom, Micqueot, Spa Shelter, Calamari Cove, Alchemist Archipelago

10 150 Hostage Rescue [Mission]
by Taro Yamada
Sept 2, 2013 11:05:09 GMT -6
No New Posts East Blue

Sometimes called "The Sea of Beginnings", East Blue is a fairly normal sea, with one key point. East Blue, or more specifically Loguetown, is the birthplace of the legendary pirate king, Gold Roger, and as such many tote East Blue as "The Birthplace of the Age of Pirates"

Sub-boards: Dawn Island, Sister Anko, Baratie, La Terre Achats, Gecko Islands, Loguetown

8 47 No Longer Noble [Nanashi]
by Lucia von Frevel
Aug 20, 2013 3:23:42 GMT -6
No New Posts West Blue

Sometimes called "The Wild West Blue", West Blue is known for islands abound with nature, especially of the dangerous sort, and has a rather high amount of ne'er-do-wells and ruffians in its waters.

Sub-boards: Ilusia Kingdom, Thriller Bark, Eagle Enclave, Musle Island

3 32 Deep Dark Death {Mission}
by Hakkyou Darklight
Sept 11, 2013 16:51:39 GMT -6
No New Posts South Blue

Hailed as the "Sea of Fighters", South Blue is well known for the warriors born and raised on its islands, who rival even those born in the chaos of the New World.

Sub-boards: Torino Kingdom, Karate Island, Baterilla, Marvel Island

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Calm Belt

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No New Posts Amazon Lily

Amazon Lily is a jungle island located within the Calm Belt. Due to the island's location, there is no wind or storm ever on Amazon Lily. The focal point of the island is a large mountain situated in the center, it is carved with gigantic curved snake statues and the name of the native tribe of the island, Kuja engraved in Kanji. Within the center of the mountain is a deep valley where the village of the Kuja tribe is located. The architecture and decor of the village resemble that of ancient China.

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No New Posts Rusukaina

Rusukaina is an island in the Calm Belt that is to the northwest of Amazon Lily. It is a harsh island that has forty eight seasons with the season changing weekly. There are several different species of dangerous animals on it. A country supposedly used to exist on this island, but its people could not survive against the extreme environment and died out.

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No New Posts Military Archipelago

A group of 4 islands that each specialize in a different military type. They are large and the Marines use them to train their best recruits. The four islands have a weekly skirmish, so be careful when traveling between them.

Sub-boards: Army Isle, Navy Atoll, Air Force - 1, Totally Average Island

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No New Posts Impel Down

Impel Down is the World Government's maximum-security prison for the most dangerous criminals and pirates. It is located underwater in the middle of the Calm Belt

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Grand Line

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No New Posts Cactus Island

Cactus Island is an island with several cactus-shaped mountains, with the "spikes" being tombstones. These mountains were never fully explored, so it's unknown how one can climb these mountains. This is one of the first islands reached in the Grand Line and is home to many bounty hunters. Also, the whole place follows an Old Western theme.

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No New Posts Spring Islands

Blooming with plant life and has nice warm weather, these islands are perpetually locked in the season of spring, hence their name.

Sub-board: Momoiro Island

2 42 Meyfesta! ((EVENT))
by Night
Sept 17, 2013 1:53:25 GMT -6
No New Posts Summer Islands

Hot and dry climate. That's what can be said for these islands, for they are the Summer Islands locked in the titular season forever.

Sub-board: Alabasta Kingdom

1 14 Underneath [Azure]
by Azure Dusk
May 2, 2013 12:54:48 GMT -6
No New Posts Autumn Islands

These are islands that are locked in a state of autumn, being cool in temperature, having leaves constantly falling, and generally being quite windy.

Sub-boards: Regno Librorum, Kurogaina Island, Macchina di Terrano, Terra di Settore, Kenzan Island, Namakura Island

2 28 Just Some R&R [Faust]
by Faust Eisenritter
Oct 27, 2013 12:09:07 GMT -6
No New Posts Winter Islands

Islands with cold climate. On winter islands, snow normally seen even in the summer; that's just how cold it is here.

Sub-boards: Drum Island, Karakuri, Hyokaido

1 25 Warming Up For Company [open]
by Valkyrie
Aug 24, 2013 14:00:13 GMT -6
No New Posts Edible Archipelago

A group of islands focused on food, food based technology, and cooking.

Sub-boards: Alcoholic Archipelago, Fry Bar, Gourmet Island

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No New Posts Boin Archipelago

The Boin Archipelago is a series of flower-shaped islands in the Grand Line. Within them are various gigantic bugs and vicious man-eating plants. It is said that anyone who enters this island has no chance of leaving it again. The islands are actually giant carnivorous plants scientifically known as "Stomach Baron." A group of giant beetles guard the edges.

The island Usopp was sent to is home to the swindling forest of Greenstone. It is known to have a forest made of food, called the Forest of Gluttony. This forest not only includes ordinary wild food such as Plum Trees and Corn Stalks but also a river of already prepared ramen.

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No New Posts Little East Blue

Kansorn Island, better known as Little East Blue, is an island inhabited by settlers from East Blue. Its name is similar to minor ethnic communities such as chinatowns. Due to the inhabitants originating from East Blue, many of its buildings resemble structures found in East Blue such as a mini Baratie, a mansion resembling Kaya's, the giant windmill resembling the one in Foosha Village, and a dojo resembling that of Zoro's master's dojo. It also has a mikan plantation very similar to Bell-mère's.

1 11 Deepest Cuts [open]
by Valkyrie
Dec 2, 2012 4:12:50 GMT -6
No New Posts Water 7

Water 7 is a city known for its shipwrights. Water 7 has seven docks, each are large dry docks used for building ships. Each one is run by a different company. There are water-ways and canals that are used for transportation almost like roads, often surrounded by sidewalks on the canals. Many citizens use Bulls which are Sea Horse like creatures that are attached to boats to move around the city. Also, some shops rent bulls of various sizes, although they rarely rent King Bulls as they are gigantic in size. Architecture is very colorful, often using a tan or peach color for the walls and roofs which are many time red and semi-circular; nearly all the roofs are of red color and texture. The houses are tiered to allow for more houses to take up room and are usually made keeping in mind the city sinks. Some Canals are wide enough for ships, but those are mostly just to let some ships enter the city so they may be docked somewhere. Pirates are generally allowed, but are warned that if they cause any problems then they'll regret it. The city resembles a giant Fountain in a Volcano shape, because of the tiered system of building houses.

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No New Posts Enies Lobby

Enies Lobby, known as "The Judicial Island," is a government-controlled stronghold in the Grand Line together with the Marine Headquarters and Impel Down. Enies Lobby is located on an island referred to as both an "afternoon island" and a "never-night island," Enies Lobby leads to Impel Down and the Marine HQ directly. Because of this, there are many Government Agents stationed here, roughly 10,000 men, a mix of those from both the World Government and the Marines. The island also has a courthouse, which makes it easy to transfer high-level criminals through Enies Lobby and directly into Impel Down, or to the Marine HQ.

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No New Posts Marineford

Marineford is the main headquarters of the Marines. It is where Fleet Admiral Sengoku and the three Admirals resided, along with many Vice Admirals and lower officers, when they aren't assigned to another base. The city surrounding Marine HQ is inhabited by the families of Marine soldiers. Marineford is one of the three great powers, alongside the Shichibukai and the Yonkou. It is situated near the Sabaody Archipelago, and lies directly next to Mariejois on the Red Line. The only safe way to reach Marineford is through the Gates of Justice.

1 5 Haunted HQ [open]
by Lucia von Frevel
Jul 12, 2013 0:53:55 GMT -6
No New Posts Sabaody Archipelago

Sabaody Archipelago is an area close to the Red Line. Though it is called an archipelago, it is actually a massive mangrove forest growing out from the middle of the ocean with each tree of the forest serving as an "island" for which people live on. Since it is just a forest and not an island like those found in the Grand Line, it has no magnetic pull for which to affect a Log Pose.

1 15 Words In The Water (night, open)
by undine
Apr 22, 2013 20:00:27 GMT -6

Sky Ocean

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No New Posts Skypiea

Skypiea is a land located in the sky above the Grand Line. The people are unique in that they have small wings on their backs, similar to the stereotypical angel, though no use has been revealed for them. The daily life of sky people revolves around the use of Dials, which normally aren't available in the Blue Sea. As opposed to the beli of the rest of the world, it uses extols as currency. The people of Skypiea have a religious reverence for soil, because it can yield plant life much better than island cloud can, and also other materials that comes from the Blue Sea.

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No New Posts Birka

Birka is a sky island far to the southeast from Skypiea. Birka is said to be home to many strong warriors, which most its inhabitants, the Birkans, are. Many have floppy ears and horns, resembling goats. Their wings flow up and then curve downward.

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No New Posts Weatheria

Weatheria is an island floating in the sky. It appears to be floating on top of a large bubble, and it is notable for the study of weather conditions as well as tools that can create various conditions, such as the Wind Knot. The island is constantly drifting with the wind.

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No New Posts Cloud Musica

An archipelago of sky islands that specialize in music of all kinds. The central island is home to the world's largest music store. Those underneath the sky island can hear music 24-7, depending on the specific island they're beneath.

Sub-boards: Jazz Rack, Avant-Garde Nebula, The Hip Hop & Rap Scud, Easy Listening Fog, Pop Pother, Blues Mist, Rock Thunderhead, Country Billow, Ska Puff

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Ocean Floor

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Fishman Island

Fishman Island is the home of the fishmen and merfolk. It serves as an underwater gateway to the New World for those who do not wish to cross over the Red Line above. Though it is literally directly under the main seat of power of the World Government.

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New World

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Cowboy Island

A summer island that is primarily desert, but has oases scattered randomly throughout it. It is known for its large number of bounty hunters, called cowboys here. It is old-western themed.

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No New Posts Lovecraft Lagoon

A large summer island that is primarily comprised of swamps. Most of it is uninhabited, but what little is inhabited is settled by cannibalistic natives who worship a small stone figure that resembles a squid-like fishman that the worshipers say speaks to their witchdoctors in their dreams. The natives live in small stick huts and wear little if anything at all.

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No New Posts Ero Ero Isle

A land was once full of only erotic females who wore erotic clothing all the time, but it was swarmed by a large numbers of overweight 40 year old men. Now they are its only inhabitants.

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No New Posts Merveille

Merveille is called "Hidden Land in the Clouds." It is home to many mutated animals. Of these animals known are a land-walking squid, giraffes as tall as skyscrapers, and a giant turtle-like creature. It also contains people who have feathers on their arms that enable flight. The island is also home to the rare IQ plant.

The islands float in the sky for an unknown reason. One theory is that they contain some sort of metal that has a magnetic field that rejects the sea, forcing itself into the sky.

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No New Posts Wano Country

Much like traditional Japan, Wano has many samurais and is famous for Ryuma, who had slain a dragon there. The people wear traditional Japanese attire and the buildings are likewise in traditional Japanese form.

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